Rates quoted herein are for general goods only - dangerous goods and goods requiring specialised handling, equipment or transport will attract a surcharge.
Any services provided that have not been quoted will be charged at our standard rates.
Additional charges may apply where additional costs are incurred meeting customer requirements. This may include additional charges incurred due to AQIS direction.

Trading Volumes

The rates quoted are based indicated sales per month. Any variation to this trading may result in a review.

Shipping Company Free Detention Periods

Cityside Transport will work closely with clients to process containers and return empties within the client’s negotiated free time.
Cityside Transport will work closely with clients to minimise any shipping company container detention that may occur.
Cityside Transport require 2 working days prior to de-hiring empties after unpack and empty collection notification from customer.
In the unlikely event that detention is incurred on account of Cityside Transport, Cityside Transport will not accept any charges without a minimum 10 days free from the shipping line, from the first day of availability at the terminal.
Should any detention charges be incurred on account of Cityside Transport, Cityside Transport will not pay any shipping line detention invoices received more than 3 months after the return date of empty container.

Rate Reviews

The quoted rates will become effective on commencement and will remain effective until June 30 each year, at which time they will be subject to an annual review.
Where extraordinary unexpected cost increases or decreases occur or where the nature of the work changes significantly it may become necessary without notice to apply adjustments in the intervening period.
This may include a fuel surcharge. In such cases we will endeavor to consult prior to the implementation of any such rate review.
All rates quoted are strictly confidential.
All rates are quoted in Australian dollars.

Validity of Quote - 30 days

Quotes not accepted within 30 days after the quote date are automatically cancelled and may need re-quoting.


All rates quoted exclude GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Payment Terms

No separate agreements or arrangements contrary to the conditions covered by this quote will apply or be accepted as a basis for short payment of the account or credit claims.
All charges for services supplied within the terms of this quote will be processed as the work is completed and will be due and payable fourteen (14) days from date of invoice.
We seek payment on these terms as the majority of our costs are paid in advance or inside this time frame.

Insurance and Condition of Contract

We draw your attention to the fact that neither we, nor any sub-contractors or agents used to undertake work on your behalf are common carriers and we accept no liability as such. Insurance is not included.

OH&S and Environmental Issues

Cityside Transport is committed to being a leader in Occupational Health and Safety and protection of the Environment. Cityside Transport operates its facilities and equipment in accordance with its legal obligations and has the safety and welfare of its employees, customers and the general public as its first priority.
Cityside Transport strongly supports “Chain of Responsibility” as a means to stop illegal procedures. We work within all guidelines outlined by industry legislation.
It is expected that clients will provide a safe working environment when our employees are on their premises and that the client has the relevant insurance policies and adequate cover in the event that if a member of our staff is injured or vehicle's damaged while attending their site.

Quote Acceptance

An authorised representative of the client should in writing accept the quoted rates and our terms and conditions of contract prior to commencement.
Any services provided by Cityside Transport to the client is acknowledged that the client fully understands and accepts the quoted rates and agrees to our terms and conditions of contract for all services provided.

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