Import delivery - Operating Procedures

i. Customer will send a pre alert to Cityside Operations Manager - Tanya Cox- for every container no later than 48 hours prior to vessel ETA. The pre alert will include all relevant information in relation to container including:

Vessel Name and ETA
Customer Job and or Reference Number
Container Number
Container Size
Seal Number
Shipping Line
Type of Cargo and Weight Declaration
Delivery instructions and address
Door direction
Obstructions that may inhibit delivery

ii. Customer will send Electronic Delivery Orders (EIDO) to Cityside Transport Operations at least 48 hours prior to vessel availability.

iii. Any missing EIDO’s and or container advices that are received after the vessel ETA date will automatically be handled back to Cityside Transport Depot.

iv. Customer must advise Cityside Transport Operations of any Customs and or AQIS Holds 48 hours prior to vessel availability. Clearance confirmation will be required in order to book the appropriate 1-stop booking slot to meet delivery request. Should containers still be held at time of pick up, Customer will accept the slot cancellation fees incurred which are passed on by the terminal.

v. Cityside Transport will up-date any delays in the shipping or delivery schedule via email to Customer.

vi. Delivery requirements will be confirmed via email by Cityside Transport Operations and Customer contact

vii. Cityside Transport Operations will monitor the timely return of empty containers for de-hire.

Download a copy of our Import Procedures